Q. Where are Freedom Cups manufactured?

A. Our Freedom Cup are now manufactured in the USA. We are FDA-registered, and 100% medical-grade silicone.

Q. Can I go from using pads to a Freedom Cup?

A. Yes, sure. Many women go from using pads to menstrual cups. While a pad is mind-numbingly easy to use, a Freedom Cup has a slight learning curve. Learning how to insert and remove it requires one or two cycles to get used to and after that it will be a breeze.


Q. Can I use a Freedom Cup if I have an IUD?

A. If you have any pre-existing health conditions or are using an IUD, check with a doctor before use.

The good news is that research (https://bit.ly/2qGCV7v) has shown that there is no increased risk of IUD expulsion with the use of menstrual cups. Unfortunately for some, after insertion, the body rejects the IUD naturally. 

Since different women have different vaginas and anatomies, we recommend anyone using an IUD to check with their doctors prior to using a menstrual cup. 

Q. How do I insert/remove a Freedom Cup?

A. Check out our video on 'How to insert/remove Freedom Cup?' here!


Q. How do I clean a Freedom Cup?

A. Clean water and a fragrance-free soap is all you need to clean it out. Make sure there is no crusted fluid in any of the holes or ridges. If you would like to sterilize it before and after your period, you can get a small porcelain bowl, place the cup inside, and pour boiling water over it. 
You can learn more by checking out our video here!

Q. How often do I have to change the cup out?

A. We recommend that women insert the cup in the morning as they are getting ready for work or school, and remove, clean, and reinsert again at night when they are taking a shower, getting ready for bed. An average women expels about 60-70ml of fluid over the course of her period, and our cups hold about 18ml each. So if you are changing it out every 10-12 hours, it should not overflow. But different women have different cycles so based on your first two periods you will learn how often you need to change it out to prevent overflow.

Q. How do I change a cup out in public?

A. We would recommend using a handicap toilet stall which usually has a sink installed. You can also bring a mineral water bottle into a normal toilet stall to wash the cup out. If you find this too tiresome, you can use a pantyliner or pad for the days you are anticipating a heavy flow and will be out in public.

Q. How long can I go without changing the Freedom Cup out?

A. It depends on your flow, but on average the cup should last 10-12 hours a day leak-free.

Q. Can I swim while using a Freedom Cup?

A. Yes, of course! This is one of the best parts about it. It is leak-free once inserted properly, allowing you to engage in extreme sports, yoga, swimming, diving, etc, with ease of mind.

Q. Should I be able to feel anything once inserted?

A. No, once inserted you will not feel anything at all. If you are even aware that it is there, it means the Freedom Cup is not ‘deep’ enough.

Q. Are there different sizes?

A. Yes, we have 2 sizes at present, the mini and the grande. The mini is generally for first-timers, while the grande for women who have tried out the mini, have become comfortable with it, and would like to go even longer without having to change out their cups on a heavy day. While many companies tout 2 sizes for pre- and post-childbirth, we have many mothers using the mini, and many younger women using the grande so it all depends on your flow.

Q. What are the dimensions of the cup?

A. The mini measures 4cm in diameter across the rim, and about 6cm from tip to rim. The grande measures 4.5cm in diameter across the rim, and about 7cm from tip to rim. The mini holds about 30ml, and the grande about 40ml.

Q. What if the cup does not fit?

A. Our mini cups are smaller than the international average. The grande cup is comparable to the international sizing. Do drop us an email at if you are wondering which size you should purchase for yourself.

Q. Can the cup get ‘lost’ inside??

A. No, it cannot. Even though the cup does not have a string like a tampon does, it will not get lost. The rim of the Freedom Cup opens up and forms a vacuum seal against the muscular walls of the vagina. Once the walls of the vagina are contracted or squeezed, the Freedom Cup slides back down to the vaginal opening, and the stem of the cup should stick out from the body for easy removal.

Q. What is the shelf life of a Freedom Cup?

A. A Freedom Cup is made from 100% medical-grade silicone. This allows it to span 10 to 15 years if taken care of well. However, this varies based on individual factors. If the cup suddenly changes color, becomes slimy, or alters in appearance, stop all use immediately.

Q. Is this a new invention?

A. No, actually. Menstrual cups have been around for about 30 years. It just is not very popular in our part of the world yet.


Q. Is it safe to use?

A. All our cups are made in the USA, a FDA certified, and are made with 100% medical-grade silicone.

Q. I have not received my parcel, what should I do?

A. If your package is lost in transit, please write to us right away at  and we will try our best to solve the issue. 

 If you have input the wrong delivery address, please email us as soon as possible to make a change to your shipping address. We will not be responsible for any orders delivered to an incorrect delivery address provided by you.

Additional costs will apply to get another parcel mailed out to the corrected address.

Q. Do you still have burning questions that are unanswered?

A. Fret not, drop us an email at and we will try our best to be of assistance.