Kampot, Cambodia

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Upon landing in Phnom Penh, we knocked on the doors of several NGOs in the capital city in a bid to distribute out Freedom Cups to the beneficiaries they work with.

We were turned away several times because no one thought that local Cambodian women would be receptive to our Freedom Cups.

Being in the business of never taking no for an answer, the team had to think of another way to help women on the ground.

We then took a bus down to a small, pepper-producing town called Kampot, and on the way, devised Plan B.

Plan B was to gather all the women who worked as waitresses, receptionists, and cleaners at the Mad Monkey Hostel we were putting up at and distribute our Freedom Cups directly to them.

Here we had Ty, a Cambodian woman who translated the session into Khmer.

While many of the Cambodian staff were young and afraid of the prospect of inserting something into their body, the session was extremely helpful for us.

We learnt about the culture, reservations, and practices of local Cambodian women with regards to their periods.

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Alex Labriola