Chisapani, Nepal

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After Dhunche, which was a town away from the epicenter of the massive 2015 earthquake, we thought we would have seen the worst of its effects.

We were wrong. 

Off on the opposite end of the country, houses, roads, and mountainsides, were ripped right through.

Our second project in Nepal was in a small, rural village, again with little electricity and little water.  We slept in a tent on the outskirts of the village as there were no accommodation options nearby.

It was harvest season so the women were busy tending to the fields. With the help of Bill Kite and the village chief, we managed to steal them away for an hour.

A video called Lady Ganga which highlights the danger of cervical cancer and the importance of good reproductive and menstrual health was run, afterwhich we held our session. The women were encouragingly keen on trying the Freedom Cup and that always makes us smile.

Sometimes, it feels like we have to convince and coerce women into trying the cup for their own good, but not in Nepal.

Most, if not all the women we crossed paths with were very quick on the uptake and this always encourages us to keep going.  

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Alex Labriola