Borangay Inolingan, Philippines

We wake up, raring to go. Too many women to speak to, too little time.

Once again, the motocycle with a side-car took us as far as he was able and dropped us off.

It was not long before we arrived at the village.

We knew we had arrived because there was rice sack cut up to form a large square canvas sheet, painted and hanging on a tree with a welcome sign.

It read:

'Welcome Miss Vanessa and Company, from Singapore'.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 1.34.21 PM.png

How hospitable of them we thought.

And it did not stop there. They had culled a chicken for lunch, and had pooled together money to purchase a bottle of Coca-Cola for the volunteers to have over lunch.

This last stop of ours saw women from surrounding villages located slightly higher in the hills come down to learn about and take home a Freedom Cup.

Once the women had gathered, we sat down under a large, shady tree, and distributed the cups, teaching the women with a lot of gesturing and laughs, about their bodies and their periods.

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Alex Labriola